IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Limited

IL&FS Skills Development Corporation (ISDC)

IL&FS Skills Development Corporation (ISDC) is a joint venture between IL&FS and the NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), established with an objective to build and manage 100 IL&FS Institute of Skills (IIS) across India. ISDC aims to train around 2 million people (over the next 10 years) across various skill sectors including textiles, engineering, construction, leather, auto and various service sectors. ISDC plays a major role in addressing India’s demand for highly skilled workers

ISDC bridges skills gaps caused by:

  • Infrastructure deficiencies, poor quality of trainers and trainer absenteeism, and lack of supply-driven curriculum that is not in sync with the industry demands
  • Poor linkages with the job market and employability issues

We are the pioneers of a sustainable skill delivery system that supports the inclusive economic growth agenda of the nation and leverages the advantage of India’s demographic dividend. Our skill delivery process begins with the training of candidates, identification of jobs and ends with the placement of trained youth in various manufacturing and service sector industries. We have already established strategic partnerships with various organisations across multiple sectors to absorb the skilled people produced through our programmes

ISDC offers :

  • Vocational training through community colleges
  • Innovative placement linked programs
  • Industry driven training modules
  • Interactive training sessions through K-Yan technology, a community-learning device
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