IL&FS Education offers innovative methods and technologies to deliver healthcare in remote areas of India and leverages information, communication and technology to extend healthcare services through customised programme management services and by leveraging the use of ICT in the health sector.

At IL&FS we understand the healthcare needs of the communities both in India and in the developing countries. The outages and challenges faced in provisioning comprehensive healthcare for the common citizens especially in rural areas require innovation and lateral thinking. Our experts provide end to end solution in integrating from a single source, taking care of all processes including infrastructural, medical, technology, capacity building along with policy reengineering under the PPP format.

We stand at the forefront in providing healthcare services to rural citizens by adopting advances in medical sciences and its convergence with ICT. We offer low cost telemedicine solutions that are rapidly scalable to all parts of the country for fulfilling the primary and preventive healthcare needs of the rural population and enabling seamless access to quality healthcare services.

We play a significant role in revolutionising the use of telemedicine technologies for providing healthcare services to the un-reached rural population across India. Our models have been studied by planning commission of India as sustainable approach for rural healthcare service deliveries and have been recommended for the 12th five year plan of the country.

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