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IL&FS Education offers K-Class (Knowledge Class), an interactive learning solution for schools. K-Class provides an efficient and immersive teaching-learning platform for the students and teachers. K-Class focuses on the traditional methodologies of learning delivered through futuristic technologies but with a clear focus on learning outcomes

K-Class works cohesively with schools for 3 years (36 months) to strengthen the foundations of student performance and teacher capability through innovative interventions in technology infrastructure and curriculum mapped content

K-Class is made up of 2 components:

  • The K-Class State-of-the-art technology
    One of the core technology components of the K-Class is the K-Yan (Knowledge Yan). K-Yan is the world's first patented sleek and portable teaching aid designed to enable a teacher to focus on teaching rather than technology. Designed by IIT-Bombay, the K-yan combines a hi-class projector with a PC, a DVD writer, a TV Tuner, a keyboard and mouse that makes the class a live audio-visual experience

    More than 5000 government and private schools have been using the K-Yan and changing the way they teach

  • The K-Class Content Bank
    The K-Class Content Bank is a wonderful mix of digital content stored inside the K-Yan. The K-Class Content Bank has been developed on the premise that children learn in many ways and teachers teach using different techniques. This content bank includes around 1800 multimedia modules, more than 1000 educational videos, over 1800 interactive science exploriments and thousand worksheets/practice sheets, expert videos and newsletters. K-Class also offers training for teachers and internal resource staff to manage the K-Yan and Content Bank

    The K-Class call centre is available during the school hours to help teachers and resource persons to tide over any problems faced while using the K-Class programme

    The K-Class programme discards all the flashy technology aids, long lock in periods, expensive servers and resource persons, without compromising on the content and cost effectiveness

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YPP Programme Structure

YPP Programme Structure