Teaching & Learning Resources

Our academic support programme produces, integrated and blended teaching resources and methods. It includes :

  • Adding Dimensions

    We have launched programmes which build on the principle of Building As Learning Aid (BALA) and create a lively, interactive, engaging environment to increase the learner interest and improve retention. Our work in this space also ensures that the basic amenities like safe drinking water, separate washrooms for girls and boys, fully equipped first aid rooms, clean canteen and counseling area are introduced and used within a school. Activity based learning solutions comprising of educational resources which transform the physical spaces into interactive learning spaces:

    • Use of classroom, corridors & open spaces to complement teaching-learning process
    • Illustrating difficult concepts to learn in the immediate environment
    • Enabling students and teachers to interact with the environment
    • Improving teaching effectiveness by making subject topics more creative & interactive
    • Learning Activities to improve educational value of built up spaces
    • Educational Resources based on Concepts from curriculum, Life skills & Creativity skills
    • Sensitization and training of teachers

    Adding DimensionsTM Plus An extension to the Adding DimensionsTM, AD+ includes Learning Kits - Interactive learning tools for English & Maths to facilitate activity - based learning.

  • Interactive kits

    English Relay Program (ERP), Science Kits and Math Master (MM) use the kit based approach (constructivist approach) for building foundation skills in curricular subjects, through games & activities, where learning happens through experimentation, trial and error and joyful experiences

    Interactive Kits
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