Content Services

IL&FS Education emphasizes on designing meaningful, structured and engaging learning experiences. The learning experiences teach, enhance and extend learning. Our content is enriched by giving additional information, interesting facts etc. in a manner which makes understanding difficult concepts fun. Presently it is available for both schools and training institutions in English, Hindi and up to regional languages.

Developed by ISO certified content development team of 100 + professionals with experience of different sectors and industries, it follows a robust content and curriculum development system. The content and curriculum development process is based on ADDIE model i.e. analysis, design, develop, implement and evaluate.

  • K-Class (Knowledge class) is our multimedia content delivered through KYAN in schools. It is currently in use in 25,000 schools and includes 8000+ lessons which explain difficult concept (K-12) using multimedia and other innovative means of instructions.
  • K-Skills ( Knowledge Skills) is our multimedia enabled vocational training content delivered through KYAN which is currently deployed in our 350+ Skills Institutes and Schools. Available for 45 trades from 15 key industry sectors, this content is delivered in English, Hindi and 8 other regional languages.

Our content ensures optimal productivity, quick turnaround time and adaptability to client specific requirements. Key features of our robust and well-defined content development process are:

  • Standardization: Since the content is multimedia based, it ensures proper student - teacher interaction in both environments. Developed in consultation with expert academicians, industry mentors and subject matter experts it is outcome driven and ensures holistic learning. The standardization of content also reduces the loss of training time or quality due to unavailability or poor quality of teachers
  • Increased interest and reduced learning time: The use of KYAN and its interactivity features engages the students in the delivery. It reduces the learning time as well as retention of difficult concepts easy. The video based modules ensure that students grasp concepts better and are able to apply the learning
  • Teachers and Trainers undergo training and assume the role of the facilitator: In many schools and skills training centres in rural areas where lakhs of trained teacher, both K-SKILLS and K-CLASS act as effective tools in delivery. With activity based delivery which builds on the principles of self learning, the facilitator acts as a moderator/teacher

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