Much before the technology revolution put spotlight on the education industry in India, IL&FS leveraged technology as the key lever to standardize large scale education solutions that can be deployed in the different parts of the country, used by clients groups and be constantly upgraded with time through research & development. This resulted in our team inventing the K-YAN our single wire computer, projector, multimedia device which converts any wall in a school into an interactive classroom. Developed in partnership with IIT, Bombay, K-Yan empowers the teacher to focus on improving the learning outcomes by using content which is modern, engaging and involves the student at every step.

K-Yan (Knowledge Yantra) is an ALL-IN-ONE device which converts any wall into an interactive board patented in 7 countries, K-Yan:

  • Combines functionality of computer, projector, Smart board in a compact unit
  • Is portable and easy to operate for users of all age groups and backgrounds
  • comes fully loaded with high end accessories and technologically advanced features
  • Loaded with customized 2D & 3D multimedia content, virtual experiments called
  • Empowers teachers and enhances student interest in classrooms

Our Impact:

  • Classrooms set up 26,000 knowledge based
  • 10 Million Students learning in a more interactive manner
  • 0.5 Million Teachers use K-Yan to make classrooms interactive

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YPP Programme Structure

YPP Programme Structure