K-Yan (Knowledge Yan) is a unique device developed in collaboration with IIT Mumbai. It is a cutting edge tool which is a powerful learning solution. A 6-in-1 device, it is highly innovative, portable and interactive.

K-Yan is an award winning, interactive smart board solution which is solar powered. It is:

  • A unique device with the functionality of a high end computer, projector, in built audio-video, DVD/CD player and interactive smart board.
  • Packaged with accessories such as wifi / bluetooth, wireless key board & mouse, interactive remote.
  • Cost effective and easy to use for users of all age groups.
  • Multi-purpose tool which can be used as a smart class and a personal edutainment device.
  • Recognised for its advanced capabilities of working with tabs and other solutions.

Our Impact:

The K-Yan based solutions reach 40,000 schools and are improving learning outcomes of over 15 million students across the country. 20,000+ computer labs have been set up and are being managed on daily basis.

In addition to this, some of the key qualitative impact areas are

  • Empowerment of teachers through
    • Improved lesson delivery: Using K-Yan based solution helps teachers to make learning process more interactive and increasing attentiveness amongst students.
    • Familiarisation with new tools: Exposure to new technologies enables teachers to build technological capacities for faster adaptation in today's world.
  • Impact on learners, being the largest beneficiaries through
    • Improved learning outcomes: With the aid of interactive tools including multimedia content, virtual experiments and educational videos loaded on the K-Yan, students are able to learn more effectively and at a faster pace.
    • Easier understanding of difficult concepts: With the aid of technologies and visual aids, learners are able to understand difficult concepts especially in science and math with relative ease.

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