A holistic learning programme K-Class, is an ingenious combination of interactivity, curriculum mapped content & other value added services. It integrates technology with teaching learning methodology for improving overall learning outcomes.

It is a combination of

  • K-Yan, a 6-in-1 technology tool which converts any wall into an interactive board.
  • 10,000+ multi-media units in 2D/3D for classes K-12 to strengthen concept based learning.
  • Simulated web based experiments called Exploriments that aid experiential learning.
  • Virtual videos which are short and simple, explaining difficult math and science concepts to students
  • Teacher training on technology, pedagogy, classroom management etc.
  • Value added services for effective programme management.

Examples of our innovative K-CLASS content can be seen by clicking here


  • For teachers - Transforms the learning experience by engaging students.
  • For students - Inculcates a creative approach towards learning, shapes their way of thinking and thereby unleashes their true potential.
  • For parents - Helps improve performance of their child by making him/her more interested and involved in learning.


  • Impacted 15 million students
  • Implemented the solution in 40,000 institutions
  • Trained 1 million teachers

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