One of the key differentiator of KYAN is the multi-media and interactive content which comes along with it. There are more than 1900 modules which cover all subjects up to the senior secondary (10+2) level. A phenomenon in schools today, K-Class allows students to "understand concepts", a clear shift from the 'rote' based education system. These modules breaks down complex concepts of biology, physics, chemistry and other subjects into smaller, easy to understand parts such that the students absorbs the learning holistically. Examples of our innovative K-CLASS content can be seen by clicking

K-Class includes:

  • K-Yan: IL&FS Education in collaboration with IIT Bombay developed the World's First Integrated Community Computer, K-YANTM the Vehicle of Knowledge, an integrated Technology Platform which is completely portable and Easy to use. K-Yan incorporates the utility of a Fully-Functional Computer, High Luminosity Projection System, Large Screen Television, DVD Player, In-built Audio System and an Internet Browser integrated in a Single Compact Unit.
  • Teacher Training:
  • Interactive multimedia content: Over 10,000 2D/3D learning units of multimedia content mapped to Indian school K - 12 syllabus to strengthen concept based learning
  • Exploriments: Simulation-based interactive virtual science and maths experiments that aid experiential learning
  • Science videos: Curriculum mapped videos that make science concepts simplistic and contextual

Our Impact:

  • 10,000+Multimedia Modules
  • 400+ virtual experiments in Maths and Science
  • 1 million customers use K-Class solutions

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YPP Programme Structure

YPP Programme Structure