In partnership with CollegeVine, we offer online platform for professional coaching & mentoring support to Indian students aspiring for admissions to undergrad courses in the US through SAT exams

CollegeVine is a network of carefully selected and highly trained college students who administer a 1:1, world-class college advising program to public school students through purpose-built software.

It Offers

  • Near-Peer Mentorship
    We have a network of 600 students across U.S. campuses such as Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, and Vanderbilt who act as consultants for our students. The benefit of current undergraduate students is two-fold; access to the most talented writers and admissions experts in the country before they move on to successful careers, and providing our students with unmatched perspective into the US admissions process from students who were successful in completing it.
  • Seamless Technology
    Our programme is coordinated entirely via the CollegeVine online platform. Students are given a custom login to a personal workspace, where their school list, application milestones, and essays are all stored. Our school list generator uses unique technology and our unique data assets to provide an accurate chance of acceptance for each student (accounting for academics, extracurricular activities, and demographics). It also helps in preference matching across a series of qualitative variables and helps students choose the best universities for them. From the platform, students can schedule video meetings with their consultants as well.
  • Unparalleled Data
    CollegeVine's advising is based on our unique data assets. As a company, we have worked with over 6,000 Students, and for each, we have seen every acceptance and rejection for every school. This data has ?own directly into our proprietary chancing algorithms and creates the design of our admissions curriculum and programme strategies each year.

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