Each year almost 50 million students graduate from the university systems in India. Many of them work as generalists and do not get the right exposure and mentoring. Given the renewed focus of the Government of India on social development through initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India, Clean Ganga, Swaach Bharat etc. there is a requirement of a group of skilled, trained and passionate young men and women who understand the importance of working with people and communities across geographies.

IL&FS Education's Young Professional Programme (IL&FS - YPP) recruits graduates and motivated individuals with good communication and work skills. Prospective candidates need to demonstrate their commitment towards the given assignments and leadership capability with a penchant for learning.

A Young Professional would be working with a business Group Head under close guidance of the HoD on an assigned project with clear outcomes and deliverables. The nature of work ranges from doing market research for generating business intelligence, developing SoPs, documenting impact through action research, managing special projects on an end to end basis, project monitoring and evaluation etc. These projects will be assigned across functions - Research, Policy, Marketing and Communications, Operations, HR, Finance and Compliance within each business depending on the YPs qualification and aptitude.

The YPs move on to become specialists from generalists with the programme giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and their strength. The programme acts as a launch pad for YPs where they establish themselves as a leader in their domain with the help of their mentors.

At IL&FS Education, we have been able to establish a multi-stakeholder driven model addressing the three grand challenges of Education, Employment and Employability. We reach out to around 13.5 million young learners within and outside the school system through our education technology projects, job linked skill development programmes and cluster based employment generation interventions. IL&FS Education has been recognised globally as one of the successful models for moving youth from Education to Employability and Employment.

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