Toyota Kirloskar Motors India

Spreading road safety awareness among school students

Client Name: Toyota Kirloskar Motors India
Project Name: Toyota Safety Education Programme (TSEP)
Locations: Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad
Total Impact till date: 3,08,583 school students, 1080 teachers from 449 schools

Genesis: As a committed corporate, Toyota Kirloskar Motor launched a national level Road Safety Program in partnership with IL&FS Education in 2008. The Toyota Safety Education Program (TSEP) is designed to spread awareness on road safety and traffic management amongst children in the age group of 6-13 years. This program has already reached more than 300,000 students since launch

The primary objectives of the "Toyota Safety Education Programme" are:

  • To create awareness on traffic safety amongst the school children in classes 5-7
  • Extend TSEP to the community in the form of TSEP clubs

About the Project:

  • Design: The duration of this training program is of one hour to keep the students engaged and interested.  The content is designed under specialist guidance by Toyota and delivered by expert trainers/educators working with IL&FS Education.             
  • Use of K-Yan:  The use of K-Yan adds features like interactivity and group learning into a simple programme like road safety.
  • Content: Our in-house multimedia team creates content and interactive games                to match the interest of children from different groups
  • Incentives: To encourage students, the program is delivered between elite, public, government schools in a ratio of 20:40:40. We have built in a concept of incentives in the form of reading materials, books, stationery especially for government school students to create the program as a win-win.

To find out more about the Programme please visit the Toyota page here

Toyota Toyota Kirloskar Interactive workshop on Road Safety at Duerello Convent School, Mumbai Toyota Road Safety programme

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